• “Leading SAG-AFTRA is no joke. Performers count on their union to protect their livelihoods in this volatile business. I trust Gabrielle Carteris and her team to continue fighting and delivering real victories”

    Jane Lynch

  • Bryan Cranston“During her tenure as President, Gabrielle has proven her dedication to SAG-AFTRA and demonstrated strong advocacy for union members. I wholeheartedly support her re-election and endorse her selection of Jason George as a Secretary-Treasurer.”

    Bryan Cranston

  • Octavia Spencer

    “I am proud to support Gabrielle Carteris for re-election as SAG-AFTRA President. Gabrielle is a fierce, intelligent leader and a passionate advocate for all of our members. She, along with Jason George as Secretary-Treasurer and everyone from Unite For Strength, represent the kind of progressive, dynamic leadership our union needs and our members deserve.”

    Octavia Spencer

  • RitaMoreno

    “Gabrielle Carteris has done an extraordinary job as President of SAG-AFTRA. She and Jason George embody the strength, intelligence and compassion that are the earmarks of great leaders. They, along with Unite For Strength, have my absolute support.”

    Rita Moreno

  • “I wholeheartedly support the re-election of President Gabrielle Carteris. She has proven herself as an extraordinary leader in the midst of rapidly shifting industry challenges. Jason George has the intelligence, judgement and union service experience to make an exceptional National Secretary-Treasurer. Leading us to merger and progressing beyond, Unite for Strength and USAN steer us to the strongest, most responsive SAG-AFTRA possible.”

    Noah Wyle

  • “I have always said our union will be stronger after merger. And now thanks to President Gabrielle Carteris, Jason George, and the UFS team we have the proof—a newly negotiated contract that is $56 million richer than the last. We made the right choice.”

    Margo Martindale

  • “Gabrielle Carteris has been a great president of SAG-AFTRA. She’s tough, smart and on it, fighting for the union 24/7. I am endorsing Gabrielle, Jason George and UFS. They have my support and my vote.”

    Rhea Perlman

  • “I am proud to support Gabrielle Carteris for SAG-AFTRA president. I’ve known Gabrielle for over 25 years and I’ve seen her fight for performers’ rights first hand. Her commitment and courage are second to none. She has an all encompassing understanding and knowledge of the contracts and issues that really matter to actors on sets. However, more than her knowledge and experience, is this: Gabrielle cares. Her only wish is to enrich and support her fellow performers and I am confident she will continue to do an excellent job.”

    Michael Cudlitz

  • “Gabrielle Carteris has been working on behalf of us all and making SAG-AFTRA a stronger union. The result of her tenacity speaks for itself, one of many reasons to support her re-election. With people like Gabrielle, Jason George running for Secretary-Treasurer and their team running for the board, I believe this is the group we need to move forward, trusting that our best interests are being cared for.”

    Keith David

  • “Join me in voting for Gabrielle Carteris, Mike Hodge & the entire USAN team. They are the model of inclusion and truly represent our diverse membership across the board — their leadership, experience and vision are key to moving SAG-AFTRA forward.”

    Phylicia Rashad

  • “As President, Gabrielle Carteris combines wisdom, grit and compassion – we’ve already reaped enormous benefits from her leadership. Jason George is a solid professional with the business savvy and union dedication to be a terrific Secretary-Treasurer. Carteris and George, along with their Unite for Strength and USAN colleagues are a winning combination – a win for all members.”

    Robert Patrick

Nationwide Support

Gabrielle and Jason are endorsed by over 100 SAG-AFTRA leaders from all 25 locals

Here is just a partial list of some of the National Board, Local Board, Local Officers and other notable leaders endorsing Gabrielle Carteris and Jason George:

Margie Ghigo – National Board Member
Joe Corcoran – President
Anne Sward

Ric Reitz – President
Debra Nelson – National Board Member
Mike Pniewski – 1st  Vice President
Jon Hayden – 2nd Vice President
Yolanda Asher – Secretary
Wilbur Fitzgerald Former President
Ray Benitez
Tye Claybrooke Jr.
Eric Goins
Doug Kaye
Sheila Maddox
Michelle Rivera
Barry Stoltze
Clayton Landey
Adena Brumer
Marie Burke
Steve Coulter

Craig Dellimore – President
John Carter Brown – National Board Member
Richard Shavzin  – National Board Member and Second Vice President

Sheila Ivy Traister – President and National Board Member
David Hartley-Margolin – National Vice President, Small Locals

Brent Anderson – President
Suzanne Burkhead – National Board Member

David C. Farmer – President
Scott Rogers – National Board Member
Charles Uyehara – Vice President
Jean Simon – Secretary

Pamela Weaver – President
Dee Dawson – Former National Board Member
Mykle McCoslin – First Vice President

Clyde Kusatsu – National Vice President, Los Angeles
Ellen Crawford – Second Vice President
And of course, all of the UFS candidates

Steve Gladstone – President
Nancy Duerr – National Board Member
Ellen Wacher – Vice President
Memo Sauceda – Former Co-President
Dave Corey – Former National Board Member
David Scott – Former National Board Member
John McKarthy
Carmen Lopez
Kevin Dean Hackett

Eric Wydra – President
Peter Tocco – National Board Member
Nicole Hakim Yohn – 1st Vice President
Jo-Jo Shutty-MacGregor – 2nd Vice President
Phil Elam – 3rd Vice President
Shane Carson – Secretary
Diane S. Jones

Tom Murray – President
Rodger Brand – National Board Member

Mike Montgomery – President

Arttours Weeden – President
Barbara Grant  – Former President

Michele Proude – President
Bill Mootos – National Board Member
Tom Kemp – VP Actor/Performers
Vic Ramos – VP Broadcasters
Ellen Colton – Secretary
Doug Bowen-Flynn
Frank Cacciola
Russ Gannon
Paul Horn
Andrea Lyman
Will Lyman
Peter McSwiggin
Karen Scalia
Doug Cope
Rod Fritz
Garo Hagopian
Will Lyman

Mel MacKaron – National Board Member and 1st Vice President

Diana Boylston – President
Charles Ferrara – National Board Member

Mike Hodge – President and National Board Member
Rebecca Damon – Executive Vice President
Maureen Donnelly – 1st Vice President
Jim Kerr – 3rd Vice President
Manny Alfaro
Marc Baron
Avis Boone
Christine Bruno
Wayne Duvall
Venida Evans
Nick Fondulis
Traci Godfrey
Anita Hollander
Dan Ingram
Sandra Karas
Verania Kenton
Gerald Kline
Ezra Knight
Adrian Martinez
Joseph Melendez
Jack Mulcahy
Christine Nagy
Janice Pendarvis
Jay Potter
Linda Powell
John Rothman
Kevin Scullin
Sarah Seeds
leslie Shreve
Jeff Spurgeon
Jamal Story
Rick Zahn
Liz Zazzi

Paul Martino – President
Chris Lacey – National Board Member
Mark Roberts – Vice President and former National Board Member
Joe Gunderman – Secretary and former National Board Member
Linda Froehlich
LisaAnn Goldsmith
Rick Pfeiffer –  former National Board Member and Broadcast Steering Committee
Stoney Richards – Broadcast Steering Committee
Andy Schofield
Jay Silvers

Tom McNutt – President
Helen McNutt – National Board Member
Sara Jane Blazo
Cyndy Drue
Harvey Jaffe
Mike Kraycik
Paul Kurtz
Brooke Stacy Mills
Susan Moses
Neil Samuels

Duane Hanson – President
Robert Blanche – Former President

Martin Alvillar – President
Don Ahles – National Board Member

Kathryn Howell – President and National Board Member
Bob Butler – National Board Member

Rik Deskin – President
Abby Dylan – National Board Member
Laura Kenny – Vice President (Actor/Performer)
Karen O’Leary – Vice President (Broadcast)
Maggie Stenson – Secretary
John Patrick Lowrie – Former President
Steve Reeder – Former President

Peter Moore – President Elect
Randal Berger – National Board Member
Barry ZeVan – 2nd Vice President
Bob Davis – Former President
Mark Bradley
Elena Giannetti
Sandra Lee-Oian Thomas

Lance Lewman – President
Susan Snyder – National Board Member
Joe Krebs – National Board Member and Chair, Broadcast Steering Committee
John Henrehan – Vice President