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UFS understands that real leadership means listening, understanding, planning and ultimately delivering results.


  • “Leading SAG-AFTRA is no joke. Performers count on their union to protect their livelihoods in this volatile business. I trust Gabrielle Carteris and her team to continue fighting and delivering real victories”

    Jane Lynch

  • Bryan Cranston“During her tenure as President, Gabrielle has proven her dedication to SAG-AFTRA and demonstrated strong advocacy for union members. I wholeheartedly support her re-election and endorse her selection of Jason George as a Secretary-Treasurer.”

    Bryan Cranston

  • Octavia Spencer

    “I am proud to support Gabrielle Carteris for re-election as SAG-AFTRA President. Gabrielle is a fierce, intelligent leader and a passionate advocate for all of our members. She, along with Jason George as Secretary-Treasurer and everyone from Unite For Strength, represent the kind of progressive, dynamic leadership our union needs and our members deserve.”

    Octavia Spencer

  • RitaMoreno

    “Gabrielle Carteris has done an extraordinary job as President of SAG-AFTRA. She and Jason George embody the strength, intelligence and compassion that are the earmarks of great leaders. They, along with Unite For Strength, have my absolute support.”

    Rita Moreno

  • “I wholeheartedly support the re-election of President Gabrielle Carteris. She has proven herself as an extraordinary leader in the midst of rapidly shifting industry challenges. Jason George has the intelligence, judgement and union service experience to make an exceptional National Secretary-Treasurer. Leading us to merger and progressing beyond, Unite for Strength and USAN steer us to the strongest, most responsive SAG-AFTRA possible.”

    Noah Wyle

  • “I have always said our union will be stronger after merger. And now thanks to President Gabrielle Carteris, Jason George, and the UFS team we have the proof—a newly negotiated contract that is $56 million richer than the last. We made the right choice.”

    Margo Martindale

  • “Gabrielle Carteris has been a great president of SAG-AFTRA. She’s tough, smart and on it, fighting for the union 24/7. I am endorsing Gabrielle, Jason George and UFS. They have my support and my vote.”

    Rhea Perlman

  • “I am proud to support Gabrielle Carteris for SAG-AFTRA president. I’ve known Gabrielle for over 25 years and I’ve seen her fight for performers’ rights first hand. Her commitment and courage are second to none. She has an all encompassing understanding and knowledge of the contracts and issues that really matter to actors on sets. However, more than her knowledge and experience, is this: Gabrielle cares. Her only wish is to enrich and support her fellow performers and I am confident she will continue to do an excellent job.”

    Michael Cudlitz

  • “Gabrielle Carteris has been working on behalf of us all and making SAG-AFTRA a stronger union. The result of her tenacity speaks for itself, one of many reasons to support her re-election. With people like Gabrielle, Jason George running for Secretary-Treasurer and their team running for the board, I believe this is the group we need to move forward, trusting that our best interests are being cared for.”

    Keith David

  • “Join me in voting for Gabrielle Carteris, Mike Hodge & the entire USAN team. They are the model of inclusion and truly represent our diverse membership across the board — their leadership, experience and vision are key to moving SAG-AFTRA forward.”

    Phylicia Rashad

  • “As President, Gabrielle Carteris combines wisdom, grit and compassion – we’ve already reaped enormous benefits from her leadership. Jason George is a solid professional with the business savvy and union dedication to be a terrific Secretary-Treasurer. Carteris and George, along with their Unite for Strength and USAN colleagues are a winning combination – a win for all members.”

    Robert Patrick

Why Vote Unite for Strength


More Work

With UFS at the helm we have organized Telemundo performers, flipped non-union commercials, expanded work for Dancers, Background and Broadcasters, and so much more. We will fight for more money for Background, to expand California tax incentives, to organize more shops for Broadcasters, win the Interactive Media Strike and more.


More Money

Working together as a national team we’ve successfully negotiated contracts that have put over one billion additional dollars into members’ pockets. We will continue to increase our residuals, create more opportunities to work, and fight for better pay in every negotiation.


Secure Benefits

We saw the health plans merged. A feat that never would have been accomplished had UFS not led the charge to merge SAG and AFTRA. We will continue our work expedite safe merger of the pension plans, and ensure that both your health and pension remain financially secure.


Proven Leadership

Not only have we secured contracts worth over one billion dollars for members’, we have made SAG-AFTRA financially stable resulting in record level surpluses, averaging $11M annually over the last 4 years.

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